Best Dog Fence Options

Dogs rule. There’s much truth in that popular saying.

We know you would do anything for your dog, including providing safety, security, and plenty of room to run and play.

The challenge is – how do you provide all those benefits for your dog, and still retain the aesthetics of your property?

The answer lies in providing the best environment for your pet with a quality backyard dog fence or dog run that protects them from exposure to such hazards as:

  • Attacks from other dogs
  • Inadvertently running into traffic or being injured by agricultural equipment
  • Harm from wildlife

It’s important to protect your dog while still allowing a level of freedom and a large play area.

At First Class Fencing, we can provide you with a variety of dog fence options that offer you quality, attractive, low-maintenance outdoor dog fences at a reasonable cost.

Selecting the Best Fence for Your Dog

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right outdoor dog fence that is best for your dog:

Standard Backyard Dog Fence

Constructed of 4’ chain link material, this type of dog fence is well suited for city property, for several reasons:

  • Low cost and low maintenance
  • Aesthetically pleasing for residential use
  • Keeps your dog safe and secure

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    Dog Run Fences

    For many dog owners, the goal is to provide protection and an area to play outdoors, without the possibility of the dog damaging or soiling other areas of the lawn or property.

    Dog runs are an ideal solution in such cases:

    • Dog runs can be constructed in custom sizes and heights, depending on the size or your dog
    • Runs will protect your dog with low maintenance, lower cost chain link or other materials
    • Dogs are limited to their run fence area, retaining the condition of the remaining lawn

    Dog run fences are a great option for large yards or farms, where you may not want the expense or appearance of fencing the entire area.

    Dog runs are also ideal for kennels or breeders, to segregate dogs that are ill or caring for puppies.

    Wood or Farm Fences

    Wood fences provide a great look for large acreage or agricultural property, and they have other advantages:

    • Slightly cheaper than chain link
    • Provides a more aesthetic look for rural property

    Vinyl Dog Fences

    While vinyl fencing is typically more expensive initially, this material offers several advantages:

    • Low maintenance – essentially maintenance free
    • No painting or staining
    • Attractive and durable
    • Resistant to rot

    Additional Considerations for Your Dog Fence Needs

    There are certainly even more sizes and personalities in dogs than there are dog fence options.

    To accommodate their needs, you should consider your pet’s characteristics when selecting the best fence solution:

    • Is your dog a climber or capable of jumping a shorter fence? When building a dog run fence, you may want to include a top that keeps them contained safely in the run. This is also certainly a factor in selecting your type of fence construction, to keep them securely in the yard.
    • If your dog is very small, this may rule out ornamental fence materials with wider gaps such as wrought iron, since they may squeeze through even small openings.
    • Diggers who may be capable of tunnelling under your fence can be foiled by including dig guards in your construction.  

    Why Choose First Class Fencing?

    First Class Fencing is a team of experienced fence builders in Alberta that offer our residential, commercial, and agricultural customers many advantages for building the best fence for your dog:

    • 5-year Warranty

      First Class Fencing takes pride in every project we complete. We ensure that our work is top-quality, that we back it up with an extensive warranty program on quality of products, installation and workmanship.

    • Easy Financing Program

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    • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Installers

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    • Premier Guaranteed Customer Service

      We are committed to our customers. We are a team of experienced and reputable fence builders in Calgary, serving all of southern Alberta.

    Contact us today to get started in building the best fence for providing the safety and security your dogs deserve.