Our Privacy Policy

Is personal information safe to submit on your website? Yes, absolutely. We are committed to maintaining and protecting your privacy with the highest of standards. We are happy to outline our procedures and practices on gathering information so that you may make the best choice about the way your information is received. Our privacy policy is available on our homepage as well as each page on our website where information from you, such as your name, email address or phone number may be collected.

Our Guarantee

First Class Fencing respects your privacy and will never share your information with a third party unless it is absolutely necessary to complete an order for your installation.

Our Online Information Practices

Certain procedures, such as requesting a quote, require the submission of information online. This information will only be used to complete the specific action that requires your information. Under no circumstance will First Class Fencing share your information with an outside party unless it is crucial to completing your order. We hate spam and know you do, too.

How We Use Information

To reinforce the privacy commitment stated above, we do not share the personal information you’ve provided to us upon placing an order unless it’s required to complete the order.

We reply to the email addresses provided to issue a reply. Your email address will not be used for any purpose outside of communication and will not be shared with outside parties.

We do gather and utilize non-identifying information which allows us to better design our website for functionality purposes. This information may be shared to advertisers, in the incidence that research is conducted from a certain section of our website. For example, we may share with an advertiser which section of our website receives the most page views or that a certain number of men or women contacted us for a quote. We do not divulge any information that may be used to identify the individual.

All information is kept confidential and our privacy policy guarantee is handled with priority.

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