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Fence Builders Calgary

First Class Fencing is a team of fence builders in Calgary that offer residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, acreage and agricultural fencing installation. We offer a wide range of fencing products and installation. We are committed to our customers and provide durable, functional and attractive fencing and a positive customer experience.

Not sure what you want or need? Our experienced team will help you visualize the type and style of fence that will enhance the landscape of your home or business and meet all the criteria on your list. With a range of fencing products, materials and designs available, easy financing options and attentive customer service, we know that your experience working with First Class Fencing will be a pleasant one.

Fence Builders Calgary

Why choose First Class Fencing?


We back our work with a great warranty.

First Class Fencing takes pride in every fencing project we complete. We ensure that our work is top-quality, that we back it up with an extensive warranty program on quality of products, installation and workmanship.

The warranty begins when construction is complete and is active for 60 months from that date. Learn more about our fencing warranty.

We are committed to our customers.

We are a team of experienced and reputable fence builders in Calgary, serving all of southern Alberta. From building a simple wood fence around your home in the city to installing miles of secure agricultural fencing around the perimeter of your large agricultural property, we promise open communication, quality workmanship and customer satisfaction for every project. We know you’ll love your new fence and hope you refer us to your family and friends.

We offer a wide selection of fencing solutions.

As experienced fence builders in Calgary, we know that every project and property requires a unique fencing solution. That is why we offer a wide range of fencing products including wood fencing, vinyl fencing, ornamental fencing, chain link fences and a variety of wire and plank fencing for your acreage or farm fencing needs.

If you’re not sure what you need, contact us and we can help steer you in the right direction.

We have experienced, skilled and considerate crews.

Everyone you deal with at First Class Fencing will be properly trained and will have the right knowledge and skills to help you with your residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural fencing project. From designing your new fence through construction and completion, we take pride in every step of the fence building process and we know you’ll be proud of your new fence too.

We are also considerate of your property and will take extra care not to disturb your family or your property during the process.

Environmental consciousness is important to us.

Because we work a lot in rural areas, First Class Fencing is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. As fence builders in Calgary, we work close to the land and are careful not to disturb it during construction.

We only follow marked roads, carefully plan projects to reduce waste, make sure our vehicles are running smoothly to reduce emissions and offer environmentally friendly fencing products like vinyl fences. Learn more about how we manage our impact on the environment.

Service Areas

First Class Fencing services cities and areas throughout southern Alberta, including: 

Frequently Asked Questions

First Class Fencing is a world-class, thoroughly professional fence contractor that is fully protected and offers a service that is proven to be trustworthy. Our fully insured services make certain that you and your property will be covered in unforeseen work accidents or natural disasters in all potential circumstances.

Our company carries work insurance, which covers the worksite, our company and our customers. This insurance covers all the work we perform, so you never need to worry about liability for any accidents, damages or work performed on your property. Find out more here.

Yes. First Class Fencing provides a warranty on quality, installation, and workmanship both during and after the installation process. This means a number of things to you, our valued customer. Many  companies do not offer a warranty at all for their fence building services, while those who do often will provide a warranty only on materials, with no other protections for customer’s investment. At First Class Fencing, we take our work and your satisfaction, to a whole other level. Learn more about our Warranty program.

First Class Fencing upholds the highest standards of professionalism when dealing with new fencing projects. We have a transparent pricing policy so you will have a complete understanding of the factors that contribute to our  quote.

As a rule, our quotes represent the full final cost of any project we take on with no hidden or unexpected charges.

The only additional costs we ever charge are for serious, unexpected ground conditions – concrete, boulders, roots, clay, and other hidden obstacles that we must remove to install the fence. We cannot compromise on our quality and warranty guarantees, so we must take the extra time necessary to ensure each hole we dig offers optimal structural security and integrity.

If this happens, we will document each hole and show our customers the extent of the ground conditions in person. An unambiguous, up-front and honest way of dealing with a situation that affects one out of every 20 fence-building projects, we are usually able to keep these surprises in check and work through them with our customers.


    Who Are We?

    First Class Fencing

    We are a locally owned and operated company specializing in standard and custom-built fences in Calgary and surrounding area.

    Our Mission

    “Customer-First” Mindset

    To lead and inspire the fence industry towards improved quality and service. Our mission is to lead and inspire quality and service in the fence industry with the mindset of customer first.

    Fence Products

    Standard or Custom-Built Fencing

    If you can dream it, we can build it. From wood fencing, vinyl, architectural, ornamental or chain link to extensive farm and ranch fencing, we build quality fences in Calgary.

    Did you know?

    Building a high quality, visually appealing wood fence can increase the resale value of your property by up to 20%.

    What others say about us

    Fantastic service, great prices, amazing quality and overall fantastic people to deal with! Would definitely recommend these guys to all my family and friends! They go above and beyond and won’t leave till the job is perfect!!

    As a painting contractors and real estate agent, I have no doubt in confidence in their work. Great leadership and workmanship throughout. You’ll get to experience a modern way of how contracting should feel like. I have no worries referring them to current clients of mine.

    Searching for a fence contractor to replace my backyard fence, two of my coworkers recommended First Class based on their professionalism, quality, and expertise. Intrigued, I contacted them.

    The owner was very personable, straightforward, and efficient, and had a quotation for me within a day. I immediately had a good feeling about this company, not just because my coworkers (who had much bigger jobs done for their residences and dealt with the same individuals). I definitely appreciated how he was honest and straightforward and communicative thoughout the whole process including what has to be done.

    His team came by and did a great job with tearing down the old fence and replacing the new one. They worked efficiently and expertly. It was exactly as I expected it to be, and they did what they needed to do to ensure it was a fantastic, satisfactory job.

    First Class Fencing is definitely worth contacting. I would, and have, recommended them to other people. I would definitely hire them again!

    Great company and crew. Feels great having the nicest fence in the community. If you want a fence built right Tyler and his crew are who to go with.

    Tyler kept us informed of start dates as due to weather he was pushed off but to make up for it the guys worked through the weekend and finished on time and budget. The crew was so nice and pleasant to work with and extremely anal when it came to building the fence making sure it was straight and plum. I’ve never seen a crew take their time like these guys did making sure everything was aligned and identical.

    They built the fence like it was their own and you can’t ask for anything else. The fence stands out in our community.

    Cannot give them enough praise

    We are very satisfied with our new fence.Work meets our expectation. Mckeehan and Jacqueline did a great job-thank you both!

    Tyler was great with coming to our home and assessing the damage from a car that nailed our fence and gate. He takes great pride in the workmanship of his company and does the “job right the first time” which is also the company’s motto. The partial rebuild and gate construction are solid and were done better than by the “professionals” who tried to do the original project. I highly recommend First Class Fencing for anyone who is interested in great workmanship and a 5-year warranty. Thanks Tyler for a great job!

    First Class understood what we needed, explained the options specific to our property, provided competitive pricing and got the job done in one weekend. We are so happy with this contractor!

    WCB Covered
    BBB Accredited
    Warranties Provided

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