Is First Class Fencing insured, bonded, licensed, WCB covered or BBB accredited?

First Class Fencing is a world-class, thoroughly professional fence contractor that is fully protected, and protects you with service that is proven to be trustworthy. Our fully insured services make certain that you and your property will be covered in unforeseen work accidents or natural disasters in all potential circumstances.

Our company carries work insurance, which covers the worksite, our company, and our customer. This insurance covers all the work we perform, so our customers never need about liability due to work performed at any time whatsoever.

Legal Protection for Customers

Our company is bonded, which means there is legal protection for our customers as to financial obligations we contract for during the course of our services. We are legally bound to be responsible for our financial obligations through this bonding process. This is one more layer of protection for you, our customers.

A Licensed Business

First Class Fencing is a licensed business, and we are obligated to handle our business professionally, complying with laws and regulations governing businesses and providing you, the customer, with recourse in the event you may ever have issues that you need to be resolved.

Although our workmanship is second to none, and something we take great pride in, we make sure our customers have every protection legally that they can.

WCB Coverage

WCB coverage assures the customer that in the event of worker injury on the job site, no matter the source, our employees will be covered by WCB and they will never be held liable for any events or accidents in any potential scenario which is a consideration everyone should take seriously and prepare for. WCB protection protects everyone, and we carry it.

Workplace Safety

We keep our job sites and work areas safe and perform elaborate checklists to make certain our workplace is free from hazards that would put our customers or workers in harm’s way. We go the extra mile to take care of every detail. We are highly trained experts who take immense pride in what we do, and we do it right the first time as if we were doing a project for ourselves. The steps we take to protect our customers are comprehensive and your concerns are our first priority.

BBB Accreditation

Our BBB accreditation (rating by the Better Business Bureau) is top rated. This means you can be 100% sure we are a reliable business you can trust. We are a well-known business with an excellent reputation for staying on budget and on deadline, while performing excellent work that many outfits will, in the end, charge for but just not deliver on.

Even more importantly when selecting a contractor, an excellent rating with RenovationFind assures any customer that the company in question is reliable, trustworthy, and upstanding. The process for application and subsequent verification through RenovationFind is much more demanding and specific than either the BBB or any other reporting agency for contractors. When you are a member of good standing within RenovationFind, there is no question of professional integrity whatsoever. 

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