Does First Class Fencing Provide Warranty?

Yes. First Class Fencing provides a warranty on quality, installation, and workmanship both during and after the installation process. This means a number of things to you, our valued customer. Many different individuals and companies offer no warranty at all for their fence building services, while those who do often will provide a warranty only on materials, with no other protections for their investment. We here at First Class Fencing take our work, and your satisfaction, to a whole other level.

Quality Warranty

Our materials are superior in the industry, and the quality of the work we do is very important to us. We do not do poor quality work at any time, and we painstakingly provide extra attention to the details of every job we do to make sure a high standard of quality is adhered to. You are guaranteed to be given a quality fence at the end of our process, and during and after this process we go over the job with you to make sure it is up to your expectations.

Installation Warranty

For those who do not do a quality job, the installation will be performed poorly and the actual installation will not be executed correctly. Installation of your fencing must be done correctly or the fence will not be well constructed. Our installation warranty assures you, the customer, that your fencing will be installed properly and will last for years to come in all conditions. Improper installation is something we don’t tolerate, and you have our warranty that your fencing will be installed expertly.

Workmanship Warranty

Your fencing is a serious investment, and nothing is as frustrating as hiring someone to craft something for you that turns out to be substandard and shoddy. You will never find this with our services, indeed we are master craftsmen with advanced knowledge in all matters related to constructing fencing of only the highest quality.

We offer a five-year workmanship warranty on all our work to protect our customers, although when your fencing is installed and finished you will be sure to join the large group of many satisfied customers that know from experience just how excellent our work really is.

During the process of erecting your fencing, we take care of every last detail to ensure that the end product is something we are confident will last for many years without issues. We know you are looking for a quality fence that meets your highest expectations, and our warranty meets your demands with all the protection you may need.

Learn more about our Warranty Policy and contact us today for all your fencing needs!

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