Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence

Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence As a provider of world-class fence installation services, we offer our customers the choice between a variety of fencing materials. First Class Fencing installs wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental fencing in Calgary, and we can even create tailor-made fencing options out of exotic lumber and custom design.

We responsibly source all of our fence-building materials and guarantee North American quality for all of our projects. Our fence installation team brings a highly professional approach to each fencing project we take on.

Wood vs. Vinyl in Calgary Weather

Installing a high-quality fence in Calgary means being able to counteract the effects of the local climate. Both wood and vinyl offer unique advantages and drawbacks when accommodating seasonal fluctuations in temperature.

Wood is undoubtedly a popular material, and it fares well in Calgary winter weather. This is due to the fact that although temperatures drop, humidity remains relatively constant. For the most part, moisture is the most important concern when dealing with wood. Proper waterproof sealant keeps wood in great long-term condition.

On the other hand, vinyl does not rot, fade, or warp over time. However, it is not as receptive to paint as wood, and it can be more brittle than wood in fencing applications. Vinyl fencing only comes in a variety of styles, while wood can be customized to any style.

Cost Comparison

For most fencing applications, vinyl has a higher upfront cost the Pressure Treated Lumber by roughly 15% yet getting more less than Cedar and becoming more affordable every year. However, if you wish to paint your fence, you may find that wood takes paint better.

In favour of vinyl, the material does not require maintenance. This can help make it a better long-term investment. Vinyl manufacturers even go so far as to offer lifetime product warranties.

Drawbacks to using vinyl include the fact that it is brittle and it only comes in a small variety of styles.

Wood is a bit more affordable and supports complete customization – if you can dream it, our craftsmen can build it. Wood is heavier in weight, giving fences a more solid and robust appeal than vinyl.


While individual tastes differ, most Calgary home and business owners like the look and feel of a high-quality wooden fence. The ability to customize the fence to your tastes makes it an attractive option.

For some applications, however, vinyl can offer a unique look that is preferable to natural wood. While it is easy to change the look of wood after installation, vinyl generally retains the same look throughout its entire lifetime.

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