Will There Be Any Extra Costs?

First Class Fencing upholds the highest standards of professionalism when dealing with new fencing projects. We have a transparent pricing policy that ensures customers enjoy a complete understanding of the factors that contribute to our pricing quote.

As a rule, our quotes represent the full final value of any project we take on. First Class Fencing does not assess hidden charges or find reasons to demand a higher fee in the middle of a project.

The only additional costs we ever charge are for serious, unexpected ground conditions – concrete, boulders, roots, clay, and other hidden obstacles that we must remove to install the fence. We cannot compromise on our quality and warranty guarantees, so we must take the extra time necessary to ensure each hole we dig offers optimal structural security and integrity.

If this happens, we document each hole and show our customers the extent of the ground conditions in person. An unambiguous, up-front, and honest way of dealing with a situation that affects one out of every 20 fence-building projects, we are usually able to keep these surprises in check – thanks to in-depth project discovery.

Project Discovery

Our five-step process provides for project discovery, where we’ll meet with you, learn about your main objectives, and view your property to come up with a plan to match. This critical step gives us the information we need to put a comprehensive proposal together before starting work. With a variety of fencing materials and building methods available to us, we can usually meet just about any budget.

As the first step in the fence-building process, project discovery is crucial to ensuring our customers get an accurate quote. Firsthand examination of your property lets us accommodate any potential ground issues that could get in the way of successfully completing the fencing project according to plan. Importantly, this step lets us discuss potential challenges before the project is underway, so that all contingencies have been planned for by the time construction begins.

Our Warranty Program

We offer a complete warranty on our fencing projects, extending 60 months from the day we finish the project. Our warranty covers installation, workmanship, and product quality.

Whereas fencing contractors will often offer an estimate for the completion of the project and then add extra charges along the way, First Class Fencing adheres to its quote in all but the most extraordinary circumstances and includes a warranty with every project – rather than trying to sell you one while the project is underway.

First Class Financing

Property owners who need high-quality fencing installed but who don’t have the funds for an immediate cash outlay can finance their fencing project through our low-rate program. With First Class Fencing financing, you can get your fencing project completed while spreading out the cost over 15 years.

It is easy to apply for our financing program and you can earn an interest rate as low as 6.99%. Plus, we offer a six-month grace period, and there are no penalties for accelerated payments or buyouts.

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