What is the Best Fencing Option in Alberta?

What is the Best Fencing Option in Alberta Fencing options for yards: it’s a jungle of choice these days and it can be difficult to pick your way through it.

Wood, vinyl, or wrought iron – which one is best? Which is the most affordable?

Perhaps there are other fencing options for your yard that you haven’t even considered yet?

Your decision affects not only the appearance of your property but security and the functionality of your yard.

This article will help you decide, outlining your options while considering the pros and cons of each.

But first, this is Alberta!

So, let’s take a quick look at the factors that homeowners here must take into account before selecting the best yard fencing option.

Factors to consider for homeowners in Alberta when choosing a fence

There are some unique challenges for homeowners in Calgary and other parts of Alberta.

So, before you decide on the best yard fence option, you need to take into account these local factors:

  • Weather

    From pleasantly warm and sunny summers to freezing and icy winters, your fence is going to face a wide variety of elements. How much snow does your area get?

  • Durability

    Which type of fence lasts longest in Alberta’s harsh climate?

  • Materials

    Which of the available materials is best for your purpose?

There are also other general factors that need to be considered wherever you are in Canada:

  • Purpose

    What is the main reason for getting a yard fence? For security, privacy, decoration – or a combination of all these reasons?

  • Urban or Rural Area?

    In city areas, winds may be less of an issue and security more important, for instance.

  • Your Neighbours

    How will your choice impact your neighbours?

  • Local Restrictions

    Are there any local restrictions in place that you need to be aware of?

Balancing these factors will lead you to the best choice of fence for your property.

Before we get into a more detailed look at all the main fencing options, let’s take a quick look at the types of fences that are the most popular for yards in Alberta.

The most popular fencing types are:

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    Fencing Options For Your Yard

    There are pros and cons of each yard fence type. Let’s take a detailed look at each one to make it easier for you to decide.

    Snowy yards are a way of life for people in Calgary.

    You need a fence that can stand up to the rigours of feet of snow piled up for many months of the year.

    If the main purpose of your fence is to prevent drifts from piling up against your property and to avoid having to constantly shovel it away, a snow fence will help you do this.

    Its main objective is to block the wind from blowing snow and, as such, it can be made from:

    • Wooden slats (woven together with gauge galvanized wire)
    • Plastic netting/mesh (most common as it’s light and easy to
    • install)
      Trees and shrubs (natural barriers)

    Wood fencing with vertical or horizontal slats remains one of the most popular choices in Calgary.

    This is because of:

    • The privacy that it affords a property: slats can be as high as you like, within 6’6” generally.
    • Its versatility: many different heights and designs are available
    • Its aesthetic appeal: its homely feel means that there should be few problems with the neighbours
    • Good durability: pressure treated timber can last a long time!
      Its affordability: of course, this depends on the style of fence and quality of materials

    There is one feature that sticks out about vinyl fencing: its amazing durability.

    It is resistant to rot and has five times the tensile strength of wood. This makes it well-suited for the harshest of climates like in Calgary.

    Other benefits of this type of yard fencing include:

    • 100% recycled materials keep it easy on the environment
    • It requires no chemical applications such as paint or stain
    • It’s easy to clean and very little maintenance is required

    The main downside of vinyl fencing is that it’s more expensive than wood to install.

    Another fencing option for yards in Calgary is wrought iron fencing. This is the most ornamental option and it can be a great choice if you want to beautify your yard.

    The upsides to wrought iron fencing include:

    • Great strength and durability with an open-concept
    • Good security – especially those with iron points at the top
    • Aesthetics: it’s pleasing to the eye from the curb and for neighbours
    • It can add value to a home

    However, if you have a wrought iron fence you need to be prepared for a higher initial outlay. They are custom-made, for starters, the materials are more expensive and there is minimal privacy.

    Chain link fencing has been used around Calgary residences and in public spaces for over a century.

    The main pros of this type of fencing include:

    • Low installation costs
    • Ease of installation
    • Excellent durability
    • Its use in backyard dog runs or pens

    The main downside is that chain link fencing offers little in the way of privacy. However, homeowners can add trees or shrubbery around it to achieve more privacy.

    Depending on your main objectives, a farm and acreage style fence in your yard may be another option for your home.

    This type of fence is extremely varied. It may be:

    • A barbed-wire fence
    • A high-tensile wire fence
    • An electric fence
    • Post and rail
    • Post and plank
    • Split cedar

    Most farm-style fences are built for durability and must be able to withstand being open to the elements, such as strong winds, direct sunlight, snow, ice, livestock and the rest!

    They are a good option especially if you keep horses or other farm animals and have a sizeable yard.

    Perhaps you just need a dog kennel fence.

    We Albertans love our pooches and we want to give them the exercise they need.

    A dog kennel fence can help you:

    • Ensure that your dog has a place to play and run
    • Provide stimulation for your dog when you’re at work
    • Keep your dog from ruining the rest of your yard
    • Keep your dog safely without worrying about it running into the street
    • Help a mother to take care of puppies

    These fences are most commonly made from:

    • Regular galvanized steel
    • Black vinyl coated chain link
    • Modular or panel fencing

    Why Choose First Class Fencing?

    Other types of fencing options, such as aluminum and bamboo, are common in North America but not generally recommended for the harsh climate of Alberta.

    When deciding on the best fencing option for your yard, you will ideally balance the durability, aesthetics and security elements it provides with its affordability.

    In Alberta, with our unique climatic challenges, it makes sense to hire a fencing installer who is experienced in all types of yard fence options.

    We’ll meet with you to discuss your objectives and work on a quote.

    Once approved, we’ll organize the necessary permissions to begin work and to get your fence installed safely, economically, and in a timely manner.

    There will always be a final walk-through to make sure you’re entirely happy with the work before signing off.

    Contact us online or give us a call at (403) 991-5995 for more information.