How High Can You Build A Fence In Calgary?

How high can you build a fence in Calgary If you’re looking to install a fence in the front or back yard of your Calgary home, one of many considerations is going to be how high to build it.

As you will see, this simple question to ask is not quite so simple to answer.

The height of your fence will depend on several factors, most notably:

  • The position of the fence
  • The main purpose of the fence
  • The material you choose to use
  • How important security is to you
  • What the neighbours will think
  • The city regulations

How high should a fence be?

So, if you’re looking for definitive answers on how high your fence should be, you’re in the wrong place here!

You alone can answer that.

To do so, you’ll want to weigh up all the above factors before coming to a decision. Hopefully, the following information helps.

Position of your fence

Are you thinking of installing a fence for the back yard, the front yard, down a side passage of your home or somewhere else?

There are different restrictions that apply to front and back yard fences (see below).

The main purpose of your fence

Are you looking to boost security or privacy around your home? A taller fence will usually achieve both.

However, if the main purpose of the fence is to beautify or increase the value of your home, the height of your fence may need to be lower.

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    The materials and design you choose

    Some fence materials and designs are prefabricated or cut into certain sizes and cannot be customized.

    You may have one or two heights to choose from but, depending on your supplier and the materials/designs they have available, your choice of fence height might be restricted.

    What will the neighbours think?

    Don’t underestimate the opinion of your neighbours. A fence that is too high or an eyesore is liable to create problems with the people next door.

    Most homeowners want to avoid that so it’s usually best to consult with neighbours about the intended height and design of your fence.

    Fence requirements in Calgary

    Rules and regulations on the height of fences are set out in the City of Calgary home improvement bylaws.

    These specific maximum heights for your fence depending on its position on your property.

    Does a fence need planning permission?

    Providing you remain within set limits, you do not require a building safety approval (building permit) or planning approval (development permit) to install a fence in Calgary.

    However, you will require a permit if:

    • Your rear yard fence is higher than 2m (6’-6”)
    • Your gate is higher than 2.5m (8’-2”)
    • Your fence is inside a corner visibility triangle and higher than 0.75m (2’-6”)

    Can you fence in your front yard in Calgary?

    As long as your fence is no higher than 1.2m (4’-0”), you can install a fence in your front yard in Calgary.

    Note that, in more rural parts of Alberta, the same restrictions do not apply and you have more freedom to build a higher fence on your farm, for example.

    How high should a fence be?

    In short, it depends!

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