Things to Do at Home During Social Distancing

Things to Do at Home During Social Distancing Many of us have started to use a new phrase in recent weeks: social distancing.

Anyone who planned a wedding, large birthday party or a simple trip to the movies has had to reschedule or cancel, as has anyone with travel or holiday plans.

Essentially, social distancing means keeping face-to-face contact with others at a minimum.

Health advice recommends that we keep a distance of two metres or more from others, if possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get stuff done!

We need to stay mentally and physically active and maintain as much social connection as possible during this time.

Without it, we quickly lose our sense of wellbeing and may end up feeling down.

The world does not need to stop because of COVID-19 so let’s make the most of a bad deal.

We’re confined to the home so why not find active things to do and finally tick a few items off that to-do list?

Below are a few tips for being productive around the home during this upcoming period of uncertainty.

Work on your new to-do list for spring

The first thing you can do is revisit your to-do list.

There are probably many things you’ve had on your mind for months or years: things that need doing “when you get the time”.

Guess what? You now have the time.

It’s an ideal opportunity to complete those tasks that never seem too urgent but that you would like to tick off before the summer arrives.

Here are a few ideas:

    Tell us about your project

    Treat your backyard fence to some maintenance

    Do you have a wooden fence in your backyard?

    If so, it may be prone to warping, insect-damage, discolouration, and rotting.

    Unless it’s an expensive cedar fence or one made from vinyl or other resistant material, backyard fences take a beating from the Albertan weather.

    The wild fluctuations in temperature, as well as the snow and ice can play havoc with a standard wooden fence.

    Clean your fence, then stain it, paint it, and seal it. It will look like a new fence. Here are some great tips for doing this.

    Build a new backyard fence to create a safe play area for the kids

    The kids are going to be spending more time at home. That’s a given.

    Now could be the perfect time to create a safe play area for them with a new backyard fence.

    You have many choices of material to achieve the look you want: here is a quick rundown of your fencing options.

    Increase home security and privacy

    Another reason to consider your fencing options is if you want to increase security or privacy.

    Perhaps, as the weather warms, you are planning on the whole family spending more time together out in the yard.

    You can enjoy excellent privacy and security with both wooden and wrought iron fencing options.

    Complete those household maintenance jobs you’ve been putting off

    Are there things to repair around the house?

    Maybe a few rooms are in need of a lick of paint?

    Or is the guest bedroom due for a makeover?

    You finally have some time for the not-so-urgent home improvements.

    Get ready for the summer with some spring cleaning

    It’s important to keep moving and stay active.

    Self-isolation or social distancing doesn’t mean sitting on the couch. That will just make you feel worse.

    If you are not the “DIY type” and don’t need a new garden fence, then simply start some spring cleaning. After all, spring has officially started now.

    This is a good time to have a clear-out and free up some space. It’s also a good workout and I guarantee that once you start, you won’t be able to stop.

    It may even get some creative ideas going with what you can do with the space you create.

    Plus, a spring clean is something you can do with the kids – get them involved and earning extra pocket money.

    Final tip: switch off the news!

    We all want to stay informed about the latest developments but there comes a point where it’s doing us no good.

    With the 24-hour news cycle, we can start drowning in bad news and end up stricken with fear and anxiety.

    This is no good for mental health and it will start affecting physical health unless we snap out of it and get more active.

    You’ll find that by ticking tasks off your to-do list, the news fades into the background and, rather than being fearful of the future, you will feel a sense of achievement in the here and now!

    Try switching off the news and enjoying life without the virus for a while.

    Even better – turn off the news alerts on your phone while you’re about it.

    You’ll notice the difference in your attitude and mentality if you do – and your family will thank you for it too.

    Stay well, everybody!

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