How Do I Maintain a Chain Link Fence?

How Do I Maintain a Chain Link Fence?Chain link fences are a popular, cost-effective option for property owners who need a durable fencing solution that is easy to install. Chain link fences are versatile, being equally useful for corralling animals as for deterring human intruders.

The affordability and versatility of chain link fencing make it a common sight in both residential and commercial installations. But although this type of fence needs far less maintenance than wood, it is not completely maintenance-free.

Things Calgary Homeowners Should Know About Maintaining a Chain Link Fence

Since these fences are made of steel, they resist environmental and pest-related damage. But there are a few things that chain link fencers should look out for.

  • Eliminate Dirt and Mud. Use soapy water to wash away the dirt and gunk that tends to collect on chain link fences, especially during springtime when the winter snow starts to melt. Mud may not damage your fence on its own, but it can cause problems if it gets into your springs, joints, and latches.
  • Remove Excess Moisture. Moisture causes rust, and rust will ruin a chain link fence. A rust-resistant paint finish will help protect against Calgary rain and snow. Applying oil to the fence’s hinges and joints once every few months is enough to keep rust from damaging the gate mechanism.
  • Take Care of Loose Bolts. Loose bolts can eventually spin off over time and if not maintained this can cause parts to sag or fall. Tighten loose bolts to ensure a long lasting chain link fence.

Get Your Chain Link Fence Properly Installed

While properly installed chain link fences present few maintenance problems, an improperly installed one can become uneven over time. Structural problems are common among improperly installed chain link fences, particularly those without stable foundations.

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