How Do I Maintain a Wood or Vinyl Fence?

How Do I Maintain a Wood or Vinyl Fence?

Both wood and vinyl are very popular fencing materials through Calgary. Both are hardy, attractive materials that have much to offer homeowners looking to fence in portions of their land.

Keeping your fence in good condition requires regular maintenance, however. The type and frequency of maintenance you need to perform depend on the material you choose.

Calgary homeowners need to plan for snowy winters and wet spring weather, making sure that mold and mildew do not grow on their fences, and that mud doesn’t collect in the gate mechanism.

The Difference Between Wood and Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences typically require less maintenance than wooden ones. Vinyl cannot rot, does not attract termites, and does not generally stain.

Maintaining a vinyl fence is easy to do with commercially available cleaning products. A pressure hose makes the cleaning process fast and simple – just spray down the fence with a high-powered jet of water and soap and it will come out looking like new.

Be on the lookout for mildew, which can affect vinyl fences just as much as wooden ones. A combination of water, tough detergent, sodium phosphate, and bleach can be particularly effective at controlling mildew.

Most people consider wood a more attractive option for home fencing. Maintaining a wooden fence primarily means protecting it from moisture and termites.

Using a high-quality wood like cedar can make a significant difference in your fence’s overall lifespan and ease of maintenance. Also, using a professional staining solution seals the wood against moisture and prevents hungry termites from being able to chew into the wood’s surface.

Keep in mind that termites need moist soil to survive. If you can control the moisture conditions surrounding your fence and keep water from pooling under your fence posts, you stand an excellent chance of never having to deal with these destructive pests.

Rely on Professional Calgary Fence Contractors

An improperly installed wooden fence will become problematic over time. Do-it-yourself maintenance will not be enough to keep your fence in good operating condition if it does not have a solid foundation. Reputable workmanship and quality materials will ensure an attractive, long-lasting fence.

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