Best Noise Barrier Fence

Best Noise Barrier Fence For Your Home in Calgary Living in a noisy neighbourhood is distracting and cuts into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Fortunately, constructing a noise barrier fence does an excellent job of reducing outside commotion.

First Class Fencing’s traffic noise reduction fences are the solution many homeowners in Alberta and Calgary install who need peace and quiet.

There are several fencing options to help reduce noise, but not all options may be the right fit.

We aim to provide the best fencing services for a property which looks fantastic and leave homeowners with a peaceful environment.

Common Challenges with Noise Reduction Fences

It’s a wise idea to lay out a plan for any type of fencing.

Some main concerns of fence planning include:


When it comes to soundproofing a property it’s best to use thick, heavy materials like concrete and rock.

However, these materials can be very costly and require a large amount of labour to work with.

More common materials, like wood or vinyl, can also effectively block sound and are easy to install.

Materials to avoid are wire and mesh, as they provide the least amount of privacy and sound blocking ability.

Furthermore, the material also plays a part in how well a fence will hold.

Galvanized metal and vinyl fences tend to last longer than wood being they do not rot.


Traffic noise reduction fences are only effective when constructed properly.

Fence building is a skill which must be developed over time.

We take pride in building fences with reliable craftsmanship and materials which will stand the test of time and weather in the Alberta region.


There are a lot of factors which apply to how much a new fence will cost, including:

  • How big of an area will the fence cover?
  • Which materials will be used to build the fence?
  • How long it will take to build the fence?

The easiest way to determine how much a fence will cost to construct is to request an estimate from us.

We’ll be able to provide information on which option is best and discuss how much an average project of your size may be.

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    Wood vs. Vinyl Noise Barrier Fencing

    The most common materials used for a noise barrier fence are wood and vinyl for residential installations. Each has its own pros, cons, and style.

    Wood Fence

    Wood Fence For Traffic Noise Reduction When considering using wood for your fencing project, we recommend the fence to be high and solid.

    This will provide you with a high level of privacy, as well as noise blocking.

    Pressure-treated wood fences are a popular option.

    Our Grand Fortress has become a well-liked option among homeowners.

    It is designed specifically for the purpose of blocking noise by using multiple layers of wood planks overlapping each other.

    Even when the boards shrink, there are no gaps to let noise enter.

    This factor is crucial to prevent any noise leaks from occurring in the future.

    Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl Fence For Traffic Noise Reduction Vinyl is very light-weight and but on the more expensive side in comparison to wood.

    On their own, vinyl fences moderately help with sound blockage but are even more effective if using mass-loaded vinyl.

    This gives each vinyl plank more weight, making it more difficult for sound waves to penetrate.

    To apply mass-loaded vinyl, the basic knowledge of fence installation is required.

    We highly recommend you to consult a professional to assess your property and offer our expert opinions on what will be suitable for your home.

    Soundproofing Creativity

    Many solutions exist which can help dampen noise.

    Ingenuity with your landscaping can add yet another layer of sound absorption to fences.

    Using potted plants, water fountains, shrubs or trees can diffuse sound if used near or along a sound barrier.

    On their own, plants will not be enough.

    It is best to add a layer of plants or shrubs in front of or behind your fence as an additional layer of noise barrier.

    Another thing to note when planting a massive shrub or plant in front of your property is to be mindful of your neighbours and the city bylaws.  

    First Class Fencing Can Help!

    Here at First Class Fencing, we have worked with a lot of homeowners in and around Calgary. We understand the different needs required for each type of property.

    With a wide range of products, materials and design options available, we’re happy to go over which option is the best fit for you and your property.

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