Things to Know When Installing a Driveway Gate

Are you ready to install a driveway gate?

Do you have a plan of action to get the job done, and all the information you need to get started?

Before starting to install a driveway gate to your property, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Should you attempt the project yourself?
  • What materials should you use for the best appearance and security?
  • Will it be automatic or manually operated (how will an automatic gate be powered)?
  • What design should you pick?
  • Would a sliding or swinging gate work best?

Considering all those questions before you ever begin your construction plan can make the project appear rather daunting, right from the start.

Your first step is, of course, to make the decision that a driveway gate is appropriate for your property.

Why Install a Driveway Gate?

There are several valid reasons for installing a decorative driveway gate:

  • Security – perhaps the most obvious purpose for a driveway gate is to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering your property. When the gate is adjoined with a secure fence, the gate also introduces increased security for your home, family, and pets.
  • Appearance – an attractive ornamental gate such as wrought iron or wooden gate can enhance the appearance of your property, adding curb appeal with a stately entrance presence.
  • Value – adding a properly installed driveway gate to your property can increase property value due to the increased level of security.

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    What You Should Know When Planning Your Driveway Gate

    Keep these factors in mind when planning, selecting and purchasing your driveway gate:

    Safety and Construction Considerations

    • You don’t want to stop your vehicle in the roadway while waiting for the gate to open. Be sure you have allowed enough room for the gate to swing open while you are in the driveway. This is for your safety and the safety of other vehicles.
    • Consider the swing of the gate – typically it is more desirable for the gate to swing into the property than out. This is not always possible, due to physical issues such as sloping or curving driveways.
    • The line of sight – tall, solid gates may obstruct the view for drivers or neighbours when open, causing safety issues or complaints. This is one of many considerations when selecting the type of driveway gate to be installed.

    Styles and Materials

    There are many materials and styles of driveway gates available:

    • Wrought iron – often selected for its durability and decorative properties
    • Chain link – great for low-cost applications
    • Wooden driveway gates are also available in both decorative and agricultural styles

    Other Challenges and Considerations

    The following key factors are important to take into consideration before installing your gate:

    • Quality of materials: what kind of material would you prefer and how durable is it?
    • Gate design: how will the gate complement your property?
    • Gate functionality: should it be manual, electronic, or fully automatic?

    Once you have created a list of all the requirements you are looking for in a gate, you can start to look deeper into the types and materials for specific applications:

    • Architecturally pleasing materials such as wrought iron gates or elaborately trimmed decorative driveway gates will provide security and aesthetic properties.
    • Agricultural uses such as wood or metal gates intended to contain livestock or other farming use call for entirely different materials and installation methods.

    Weather is another consideration.

    Where extreme conditions such as heavy snow and ice are an issue – as in Alberta, installation methods and gate design must take environmental conditions into account when selecting the appropriate design and construction.

    Driveway Gates from First Class Fencing

    First Class Fencing provides you with the knowledge and experience that will help you plan, select, and install your driveway gate professionally. We guarantee our materials and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction and a long life for every gate we install.

    Contacting First Class Fencing will provide residential, business, and agricultural consumers with many advantages:

    • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

      Our experienced contractors will carry out a thorough inspection of your driveway to evaluate special considerations such as gate width, swing options, and property slope

    • High-Quality Standard

      We take everything into considerations to meet the installation requirements such as automated openers, electrical connections, and environmental conditions including extreme weather

    • Licensed, Bonded & Insured

      Licensed technicians available for installation and warranty service

    Getting started with your driveway gate plans is as simple as giving the pros at First Class Fencing a call.